Once you’ve made a decision about all of the basics of your pool, selecting the add-on options can be the most exciting part! Below are some ideas of the items you can add to enhance the look, feel and enjoyment of your pool. Fire elements, firepits and barbecues After dark, your outdoor environment can be enhanced with a fire element or firepit for guests to gather around for warmth after the sun sets. A barbecue is an essential tool for any outdoor living area, ensuring that the chef is in the middle of the party where they belong. Underwater barstools The only thing better than having an outdoor bar is having one that you can sit at without leaving the pool. Did you think this was a feature just for high-end tropical resorts? Not at all! Magnus Pools and Spas can install a poolside bar with underwater barstools in any residential backyard. Baja ledge for pool Perfect for sunning and relaxing—without leaving the water! Create a flat ledge in your pool anywhere from a few inches to a foot deep, to accommodate sun loungers and umbrella stands for a refreshing and cooling way to enjoy your pool without being completely underwater. Beach entry for pool Traditionally, pools have been designed with a few steps that lead into the shallow end for ease of entry. But nowadays, anything is possible, including a “beach entry” with no steps required! This design imitates the ocean shoreline, where the pool’s floor gradually slopes downward the further it gets from the edge. For more information about additional options that you can add to your pool’s design, please call us at Magnus Pools on 951-318-3387 or send a message using our online form.