A pool is the star of a backyard landscape, day or night. Whether you’re looking for lighting to swim by or entertain by, Magnus Pools and Spas has you covered. The technology has advanced so quickly over the last ten years, and lighting systems come in incandescent, halogen, LED and fiberoptics, and range from pure white through to a rainbow of colors. Pentair Equipment provides not only an incredible range of lighting options, but they also produce the most energy-efficient lighting systems for pools. Their products include: IntelliBrite® LED for pool and spa, with seven different light shows to choose from, plus five fixed-color choices SAm® Spectrum Amerlite® pool lights and SAL® Spectrum AquaLight® spa lights for captivating light shows at the touch of a button Amerlite® incandescent lights, the world standard of reliability for lighting pools for decades AquaLight® and SpaBrite® compact lights for smaller pools and spas AquaLumin® III that mounts directly on the pool wall with its revolutionary patented design FIBERworks® fiber optic lighting systems for your pool’s perimeter, underwater, water feature and landscape lighting We can also install color-changing uplights for landscaping, and specialized lighting for pathways, steps and water fountains. When designing your pool, Magnus Pools and Spas remembers that it gets used at night too! Make sure that your pool is the perfect nighttime embellishment for your backyard. Ready to add some glamour to your pool? Contact Magnus Pools and Spas today by calling 9/51-318-3387 or by using our online form, and we can design your perfect pool or spa.