Pumps and filters may not be the most glamorous side of pool ownership, but without them, your pool would become dirty and unusable in a matter of weeks. Make sure that you install a pump that is a workhorse—but a quiet one! Magnus Pools and Spas offers pumps with a high water flow, but a low electrical consumption for a product you can trust to keep working at optimal performance without raising overall pool maintenance costs. We also make sure that the filter works in sync with the pump, and uses diatomaceous earth to filter the water, removing particles as small as 5 microns. How small is that? A grain of sand is 1,000 microns in size! A good filter will keep your pool sparkling clean all year long. Contact Magnus Pools and Spas today by calling 951-318-3387 or by using our online form, and we can install a new pump and filter for your pool, or repair the system you have.