At Magnus Pools and Spas, we recognize the need for safety, especially for those with small children living with them, near them, or visiting often. We are happy to install safety features for our clients, including safety gates and pool covers. We can design custom gates that match or complement your existing hardscape or provide the homeowner with safety fences that can be set up and taken down in minutes—the perfect answer for those with occasional visits from small children or pets unused to pools. Pool covers do more than keep leaves and debris from dirtying up your pool. We recommend pool covers for several reasons, but there’s one reason that compels our customers to install pool covers: they create a savings of up to 70% on operating costs. Pool covers also help the owner in the following ways: Save on energy by reducing the heat loss Saves water and chemicals by reducing evaporation Saves cleaning by keeping dirt, leaves and debris out Because of all the reasons above, it saves wear and tear on pool equipment You may think that pool covers only work on square pools. Not true! We believe that you deserve the pool of your dreams, and therefore we can cover your pool, no matter what the shape or custom features. We also provide digital controls and mechanism housing options.