At Magnus Pools and Spas, we understand how important it is to have clean water in your pool at all times, and that there’s many systems on the market. We will discuss your needs in order to recommend the best pool water purification system for your pool and your lifestyle requirements. We can install salt water systems, chlorine systems, ozone systems, and even now we can install automated pH regulating systems for residential pools. The Clear03 system from Paramount is a fantastic new product on the market that is a great alternative to chlorine and also reduces a pool owner’s costs. Proprietary design and components combine to create a perfect mix of ozone and water, with no chlorine to sting the eyes and oxygen as the only by-product. Not only do we install purification systems when we build a pool, but we retrofit many existing pools to upgrade them to the latest systems. For more information or for a consultation to see which system is right for your pool, call Magnus Pools and Spas today by calling 951-318-3387 or by using our online form.